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Abbreviation Full Entry Category
A&A General Abbreviation
AAF Artists’ Annuity Fund General Abbreviation
AAF, AB Artists’ Annuity Fund, the Annuitants Book, from 1810 (Guildhall, 23676) Manuscript Source
AAF, CM Artists’ Annuity Fund, Committee Minutes, 1825-28; 1836-42; 1842-47 (Guildhall, 23667) Manuscript Source
AAF, MGM Artists’ Annuity Fund, Minutes of General Meetings, 1839-54 (Guildhall, 23666) Manuscript Source
AAF, Proposals Artists’ Annuity Fund, Proposals for Membership, 1812-41 (Guildhall, 23663/1) Manuscript Source
AAI 2014 Murphy, Paula, ed, Art and Architecture of Ireland: Volume III Sculpture, (2014) Edited Work
Abbey Muniments Westminster Abbey Muniments, 700-present (Westminster Abbey Muniment Room and Library) Manuscript Source
Abbot 1988 Abbot, W W, ed, The Papers of George Washington: Colonial Series, vol 6, 6 Sept 1758-Dec 1760 (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1988) p 355 Edited Work
Abel Smith 1986 Abel Smith, Julia, ‘Great Saxham Hall, Suffolk: The home of Lady Stirling’, Country Life, vol 180, no 4658 (27 Nov 1986) pp 1698-1702 Article
Abramson 1993 Abramson, Daniel, ‘Money’s Architecture: The Building of the Bank of England, 1731-1833’ Ph D Diss (Harvard: 1993) Thesis/Dissertation
Acquisitions 1981 ‘Recent Acquisitions (VAM)’, Burlington Magazine, vol 123 (1981) p 63 Article
Adams 1968 Adams, John, ‘Bastards of Blandford’, Architectural Review, vol 143 (June 1968) p 445 Article
Adams 1991 Adams, Adeline, ‘Early American Sculpture Reflected’, Sculpture Review, vol 40, no 4 (1991) pp 20-7 Article
Adams 1996 Adams, Bernard, ‘The Thorvaldsen Bust of Byron’, Keats-Shelley Review, (Spring 1996) pp 205-19 Article
Adams Papers Personal and family papers of George Gamon Adams, 1844-1899 (Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, California, USA, MSS 870072) Manuscript Source
Adams Papers Papers relating to George Gamon Adams, including photographs of the sculptor and his works, notes and press cuttings, c1820-1979 (VAM, AAD/1997/12) Manuscript Source
Addleshaw 1967 Addleshaw, G W O, ‘Architects, Sculptors, Painters, Craftsmen, 1660-1960, Whose Work is to be Seen in York Minster’, Architectural History, vol 10 (1967) pp 89-119 Article
Afonso and Delaforce 1986 Afonso, S L and Delaforce, A, Palace of Queluz: The Gardens (Lisbon: 1986) Book
AGBI Artists’ General Benevolent Fund, Applicants Registers, 6 vols (Burlington House, London) Manuscript Source
AGBI Artists’ General Benevolent Institution General Abbreviation
AGNSW Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney General Abbreviation
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