Details of Sculptor

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Surname Abbott Alternative Surname
First Name Charles, of Aylsham Initial of Surname A
Year of Birth/Baptism 1753 Flourished
Year of Death 1839
Biographical Details Gunnis considers his work typical of the early 19th-century Norwich school. At some stage he worked in partnership, for the monument to Sir John Lubbock is signed ‘Abbott and Thompson’(7). It seems likely that this co-sculptor was J Thompson of Aylsham. Abbott’s premises in Aylsham were taken over in 1834 by his assistant John Freeman, who had worked for Abbott for ‘many years’ (Norwich Mercury, 20 Sept 1834). Abbott died in 1839, aged 86, and was bmalcolmuried in Aylsham churchyard, where his headstone remains.
Archival References: IGI
Literary References: Gunnis 1968, 13; Add inf. Jon Bayliss
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