Details of Sculptor

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Surname Aglio Alternative Surname
First Name Augostino Initial of Surname A
Year of Birth/Baptism 1816 Flourished
Year of Death 1885
Biographical Details The son of Agostino Aglio of 36 Newman Street, a painter who exhibited at the Royal Academy, 1807-1834. In 1831, while living at 36 Newman Street, he received a medal from the Society of Arts for a bust (1). The following year he exhibited a ‘bust of a gentleman’ at the Manchester Academy (2). In 1836 he showed at the Society of British Artists from 2 Osnaburgh Street, Regent’s Park. Like his father, Aglio subsequently specialised chiefly in watercolour painting.
Literary References: RSA Transactions, vol 48, 1831, 550; Graves I, 1905-6, 14; Yockney 1940, 129-30; Yockney 1943, 145-6; Gunnis 1968, 15; Johnson 1993, 3
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